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01-05-2012, 10:13 AM
I normally play a Cruiser, but somehow, it seems even if I follow two Escorts into battle, I am teh one to recieve the full attention of the Borg ships. Nothing like starting out Infected Space being under the tractor beam of the Cube and both Sphere's while the TAc's are running hog wild, being completely ignored. I end up spending all my heals and buffs on myself just to stay in the fight long enough for the Tacs to finish the job.

I think Tac ships should recognize the need for them to go after probes and Nanite sphere's and for Cruisers and Sci ships to cooperate to take down the bigger structures. But that could just be me. I've just been in too many situations where I am going for strcutures and then turn around to see probes and ninite spheres getting away or being ignored by the Tac members of the team.