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01-05-2012, 10:48 AM
Fanbois - Fans of the various series who are so stuck on canon that they spend all their time pointing out the "glaring" violations of ST canon.

For example: "Why is Sisko's baseball still on the desk at DS9 30+ years after he left his post?"

Nerdcore Gamers - Hardcore MMO gamers who have never known the touch of a woman, but "do you a favor" by telling you that "your gear sux" or "YOUR* doing it wrong"

*misspelling on purpose

Ear Collectors - Goobers whose life mission it is to follow you around Spacedock, challenging you to duels, even after you've refused their request for the 20th time, all because they got a new toy they want to play with.

Elitist Min/Maxers - the ones who want to know your character's build, DOFFs, consoles, weapons, and BOFFs before they "consider" letting you in, but they won't ever actually invite you to group. They will, however, point out how your build and BOFF skills must fall into some narrow criteria and that all others are wasting points.

RRPers (Ridiculous Role Players) - You know the type, the ones who respond to everything in character, even if it's an OOC conversation.