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01-05-2012, 11:50 AM
Open PvP Sector/Exploration Space. Easy player entry, but series of grinding missions including PvP to leave unless character has been active for 1/2 hour in Open PvP Space for a total 14 different days.

PvP Player owned stations. Resources for station upkeep only available in the Open PvP Sector/Exlporation Space. Ship injuries. Boff injuries. Only Fleets of 50 active members or more may build a station, or alliance of 5 Fleets of 10 active members. The fleets members set own policy of who they allow in their base and when and for what cost w/the exception of PvP raids from other players.

Ship critical and major injuries in Open PvP Sector/Exploration Space which can only be fixed at a PvP Player owned station at a time and resource cost. Some missions can be used to reduce time and an increase in resource cost and player missions/tasks. Ship minor injuries have timer which can be sped up w/onboard Doff/player missions in Engineering.

Boff sickbay for major/minor crew injuries. Use player ship sickbay to treat Boffs to speed recovery time. Critical Boff injuries need to go to Player owned station w/medical facilaties.

Multiple zones of Open PvP/Exploration Space w/tech resource driving max amount of player owned stations/zone.

Doffs could acquire small amounts of resources for ship needs, but for the amount needed Stations would require player station resouce raids or fighting it out in resource locations. Scanning/Recon type efforts required to find these locations. Diplomacy/Maurading could be used to to acquire resources from alien NPCs, but would require PvPvE interaction on a regular basis.