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Hi Captains,

We wanted to let you all in on a change that will be made to the Tribble and RedShirt test servers. On Monday, January 9th, we plan to take these test shards offline. RedShirt will remain offline, but Tribble will return later in the day. The Tribble database will be wiped and the shard will return in a complete clean state. This means that all characters, Foundry productions, and other player data will be removed from the Tribble test server, and will not be recoverable. If you currently have a Foundry mission on Tribble that you need to save work from, please do so before the weekend is over, as once this server comes down, we will be unable to recover any lost data.

Tribble will also return to being a normal test server. Over the past 3 months, Tribble has been an isolated environment with its own C-Store and purchases and this was done for Season 5 testing. Going forward, it will return to being tied to the Holodeck environment, having no C-Store, and honoring purchased unlocks made on Holodeck. In other words, it will be just like it was prior to the start of Season 5 testing.

Lastly, we would truly like to thank all of our dedicated players who spent countless hours testing the latest builds and providing feedback -- we could not have done it without you.

Thank you,

The Star Trek Online Team