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01-05-2012, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Kieshdor View Post
the 4th weapons slot would take away from the fact that all other sci ships only get 6 in the same tier and above only get. In my opinion it should receive the Sci cruiser passive power, extra hanger slots, and/or console powers. The ship was the Science ship of the KDF and a carrier.
The problem with that is the Vo’Quv is now a Carrier Class vessel and not a Science Class vessel.

True the Vo’Quv does have a Science geared BO setup but that’s all it has.

The Vo’Quv lost the Science shield capacity buff that it had; it also does not have the sensor analyst de-buffing that comes on all other true Science vessels.

I don’t think I’d be able to complain one bit about the Vo’Quv if it was still treated like a true Science vessel.

The 15% increased shield capacity would make it a beastly shield tank and the sensor analyst would greatly help its overall damage.

The problem was that when the Vo’Quv was treated like a true Science vessel; all the Feds cried foul and the screams for a Vo’Quv nerf was deafening.

Cryptic painted itself into a corner with the Vo’Quv from the very start by not knowing what to classify it has.

The Vo’Quv should be should reclassified has a Flight Deck Cruiser and given its 4th forward weapon slot; however, doing so would make it necessary to change its current BO setup to favor Engineering among other things and that would just be opening up a whole another can of worms.

If Cryptic just gave the Vo’Quv back the status of a true Science ship and all that it entailed, I’d be happy with that.