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01-05-2012, 02:04 PM
When you buy an Aenar or Caitian boff through the C-Store, you get a Requisition form. That Req form is *not* tradeable.

You can take that Req to the Boff dealer in ESD and claim the boff you want. You can choose any combination of gender and career, so there are six Aenar options and six Caitian options. Having redeemed the Req, you *can* trade the boff you obtain thereby. You can give it away to another player (done this), sell it on Exchange (done this) mail it to someone else (done this) or attach it to a mail message for storage (done this too).

However, when you commission one of these boffs into your bridge crew, they're no longer vendable. However, you can still trade them for training purposes -- you just can't sell them on Exchange any more.

Both Aenar and Caitians have worthwhile ground skills and are, IMO, worthwhile additions to your bridge crew and away team -- at least, they were when they cost 100CP apiece. Now that they're 400CP each, I'd have to rethink that opinion.