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01-05-2012, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Maybe I have my days mixed up. :-)

As near as I can tell, space build players shouldn't have to sacrifice hardly anything and ground, even with fewer points, is mostly a win because the new skills are substantially more powerful in a few respects.
Not True...

Here is what I have lost in the new skill tree when trying to reproduce my "current" build on holodeck before the update.

I have lost 8 clicks in tier 1, 1 click in tier 2, 7 clicks in tier 4, and 9 clicks in tier 5. This equates to 53000 points that I have lost in space (that I can see right now).

and yet... I still have 66000 points to spend in ground, which i will never use because I hate ground completely and entirely.

I have lost something and gained nothing.

The math doesn't lie and I tried to reproduce my build exactly. in fact, I have nothing in tier 5 now and spent all 300K space skill points.