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01-05-2012, 07:40 PM
I really like this idea. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that we're able to refine aboard our ships, as refineries are generally big, dirty smell places. I'm also not a fan of the current process being an instant action and agree the process should take a little bit of time, say an hour to refine the whole day's worth. You could even have a rough and ready social zone there while people wait for the refining process. Or if you didn't want to wait then it would be automatically credited to your account in say an hour and a half.
Greasing the refinery workers palm with GPL to make the process go quicker, yep, again love that idea. also gives us another reason (other than going there to check out Holo-Leeta's butt) to go play Dabo.

I wouldn't want to see the option removed from the inventory but I'd say refining about a quarter of a day's worth in one go, also taking some time to complete. 15 mins doesn't sound unreasonable to me for 2k's worth of ore refine aboard ship, obviously repeatable once the process is complete.

No doubt there are those out there that are going to hate this thread's suggestions and and there will be good reasons from those people not to change anything. I'm just looking at it from the same point of view as Matress_of_evil is in making it more real worldy.