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Please totally disregard the last post. Instead of waiting and trying it out to see, I am guilty of being a "whiner".
I learned a valuable lesson and am not too proud to admit it. That said, Grats to you STO Dev team, and Cryptic. It must have been a very math intensive grueling job to straighten out the skill system AND get FTP out on time. Yup, I tested my ship and space, I was one of those who invested about 90% points in ship. I was prepared for the worst, but to my surprise a LOT more balance was achieved tween what abilities should do too, not just a ground revamp but a space one as well. Yeah, till I adjust the skills, choose BO's and change tactics, my ship is a bit more "fragile". But it packs a very powerful punch. (I'm a tac in a ill bug). But that's not all.....I also get a much stronger ground setup too. Something I think my fellow teammates in stf's will appreciate instead of cursing, moaning and finally leaving me totally alone (last ground stf's I did) in the stf.
Kudos to you guys, and.... I'll be much more patient next time.