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01-05-2012, 10:10 PM
The Duty Officer system is a new system with in the game. It's a mini-game which has it's own leveling system and rewards. Duty Officers are supposed to be the crew of your ship. You as captain assign them missions called assignments. The success or failure of the mission is determined by which Duty Officers you assign, the mission requirements, mission difficult, etc.

The DOFF assignments are fire and forget. You start them and a certain amount of time later the mission completed and you get your rewards, and/or DOFF being sent to the Sickbay or lost as they were killed or captured.

DOFFS themselves are like collector cards, they have different abilities, rarity, uniqueness, etc. You can acqire more via missions in ESD or Star Fleet Acadamey, as rewards, the Auction House or buy grabbag packs from the C-Store.

And you can slots up to 5 DOFF for space and group stations on your ship. Certain DOFFS have abilities can which fire off when certain abilities in space or ground are used. Like channce to get another Security Escort or another Quantum Mortar Turret when using Captain skills or Kits. Or a 20% for a 2 second reduction in cool down of Torpedo weapons (which can stack up to 3 DOFFS).

To access the DOFF Window click on the button that has the Shuttle next to the C-Store button on the mini-map.