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Originally Posted by AviKerensky View Post
I run the MVAE console on an Advanced Escort. I use the Borg set (The plasma resistance helps me), and for a while, I was using all beams (Two dual beam banks on the front), with Fire at will, overload, and Q Torps. Science shield heals/consoles, phaser (My beams) tac consoles with q torp consoles, and dmg res for engineering console.

The only times I die are when I have to fight 4+ spheres at a time, or if the Tac cube singles me out. I found it very effective.
Escorts with beams loose a lot DPS if you try flying them like standard escorts. For me the Advanced Escort looks absolutly silly with cannons or dual beams, so I created a sciscort with beams and a torp fore and aft.

TT1 / HY2 / BO3 / APBeta3
TT1 / HY2 / BTSShields3

EPtS1 / EPtS2

depends on the enemy, but for STFs
PH1 / HE2

It's extreme fun flying her and you are constantly busy dancing around your enemy, changing between broadsides and fore/aft torpedo salvos. As long as you accept, that you will never hit the raw damage numbers of DHCs and you actually have to think about what you're doing and not just sitting there hammering away, its a pretty good ship. I probably would not fly this as a tac captain, but for scis taking out the enemy with style is ok.