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01-06-2012, 09:36 AM
Looking over the build, it's a good start, but a few points stood out for me:
  • You have 3 Emergency Power to Shields - only two of the same type can ever be cycled due to cooldowns. Thus a third one is redundant.
  • Anything greater than RSP 1 is taking up a valuable Lt Cmdr slot.
  • You've skilled into Attack Patterns, but have no captain ablities or BOff skills that use it.
  • Weapon Specialisation skills aren't really worth speccing into for their cost - they seem to make a minimal difference at best.
  • No points in Aux Performance, which is important to get a bit more heal out of your two Hazard Emitters.
  • No points in warp core Efficiency and a minimal amount in Potential - you're losing out on valuable power levels here.

Mostly fine on the BOff skill choices, they just need a bit of a jiggling aorund. :p This is more of a healer build / support than anything (which is what the Star Cruiser excels at). Perhaps try something like this:

Ignore my ground point skill placement, I just crammed the spare skill points there. The space is the important part. :p Probably not the most perfect build skillwise considering I knocked it together in a couple of minutes, but at the very least it gives you an idea of a starting point.

That build suggested makes you rather tanky, and a great supporter of your team. You won't top the charts for damage, but you'll certainly become an 'anchor' in the battle thanks to max structural integirty, shields, and plenty of power. Especially if you equip the old Borg set to get the hull and shield heals. No need for emergency to weapons, since with an Engineers EPS power (or even a simple EPS conslole), you can keep at 100 weapons power then then switch to a more shield/aux preset for tanking/healing when needed.

If you find you don't need Impulse Thrusters or are fine with a low turn rate, you could take points out of that skill and sprinkle them around warp core Efficiency, Potential and mabe one or two more points in Armour and Hull Plating. Personally I prefer to keep even a tank somewhat maneuverable in order to help turn damaged shield facings away from an attacker quickly.

Alternatively depending on your needs, you could try similar skills and have more shield healing. Perhaps a BOff setup like:

Cmdr Eng: Emergency to Shields 1, RSP 1, Emergency to Shields 3, Aux to SIF 3
Lt Cmdr Eng: Eng Team 1, Extend Shields 1, Eng Team 3
Lt Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens Sci: Hazard Emitters 1
Lt Tact: Tactical Team 1, Torpedo High Yield 2

You lack a Sci Team, making you vulnerable to SNB, but unless you're against many Sci captains... it rarely matters. Its even not that important against the Breen, it's lol-PvE so doubt you'd need to clear their SNBs in a hurry. Also since you no longer have any attack patterns in this build, you also take the points out of Attack Patterns and place them elsewhere where you see fit.

Hope I've given you some ideas!