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01-06-2012, 10:38 AM
My suggestion is to steal a game system from Dark Age of Camelot which is probably the best faction based PvP MMO ever.

In that game you can capture keeps spread about the pvp zone. The faction that captured and controlled the majority of keeps gained access to a special dungeon where they could farm for the best loot in the game. However if access to the dungeon changed ownership the players already in the dungeon didn't get kicked out unless they were killed. This meant that in the dungeon PvP continued as the new dungeon owners tried to expel the previous owners. Now the dungeon was large and factions entered at opposite sides of it so finding and killing the other factions players took a bit of effort and clever skillful players could stay in the dungeon for a long time even though their faction no longer had access.

This system was also great because once a faction captured the dungeon they would all rush in leaving keeps relatively undefended which made it easier for the recently expelled faction to recapture keeps and regain access to the dungeon. So pvp was constant. You'd pvp to take keeps to gain access, you'd pvp to expel players from the dungeon, when you lost control of the entrance you'd pvp to stay in the dungeon, and when you were killed you pvp'd to take or defend the keeps and start all over.

In STO you could do a similiar system. Keeps become starbases, and the dungeon becomes a transwarp hub or a wormhole to a special system where players could do missions to get dilithium and tokens similiar to what you get by doing STFs.

Now starbases dont have to be complicated. They would be NPCs that would defend themselves from rival faction players. They could be captured simply by players doing enough damage to them that they surrender. Once they surrender they would switch faction. They could further be claimed by a guild and upgraded. By spending dilithium your guild could improve shields, base weapons, and add NPC ships to ithe defense of the starbase making it harder for the other faction to recapture. If attacked the starbase would send an alert to all the players in the guild letting them know.