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# 24 please do something.
01-06-2012, 01:19 PM
Have the war already....

Add two new ques to pvp.... 1. Join Attack fleet. 2. Join defense fleet. When these ques fill up the game begins.

The games take place around established locales in game, I.e. K7, DS9 etc. The ques for these instances stay open for around an hour(?) and new players are inserted after a ship from their side has been destroyed, your ship can only be destroyed once before you are kicked out of the instance. Kicking you from the instance would lend its self to more crebral game play ( since you can only die once you may be more careful).

Attacking players have to deal with automated defenses to make it a little more difficult. Defending players have to escort a ship to a warp out point so that they cant just guard base. Make the instance capable of supporting 30 ships total so it feels like a fleet battle, if fewer feds/klinks are available then just ensure the two sides remain as equally populated as possible. If interest in queing up is not equitable than the side who can't reload players will be losing and will ultimately lose. An instance without interest will close down after 2 minutes of no new meat. Encourage gameplay by notifying all ships around ds9 or k7 to defend base, similar to the borg invasion when you are in a particular sector of space.

Make this a fed vs kdf event only. You put different factions in the game for a reason.......Make rewards good enough to encourage interest.....

In closing I would just like to say that I have been here since the official launch date, bought a lifetime in late dec 2012. I dont think cryptic is perfect but if they can add depth to this game via pvp then I think this game will be a winner. I also think the updates we have gotten post atari have been smooth, with great additions (doff system) and has better polish and foundations than this game had after the hasty launch.

Please Cryptic, for your sake, now that the foundation of the game has been solidified make some freaking content, pvp content in particular.