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# 1 I'm puzzeled :)
01-06-2012, 12:22 PM

First of all, I am a returning captain and would like to say hello to all the fellow captains - the ones who stuck around and new ones! I also need to say I would have never left but cryptic made it impossible for me to renew my subscription so I had to wait till the game became f2p to start playing again at all, but nwm, it's great beeing back!

The other thing is I just played a couple of quick pvp matches and my damage sucked! I was in awe to see another old Raptor captain dishing out half a mil damage while I sucked at 150k. I'm actualy asking for your help, my build remained exactly the same as before and I made half of what I used to do, or even less. I'll share my build and please tell me what I'm doing wrong:

tac officer - raptor
tac buffs: tacteam1, apb1, apo1, crf3, target W subs. 2, bo, thy3
dmg equipment: 4 disruptor induction coiles, 3 forward dual heavies, forward and back quantum, 2 back beam banks

I filled all which has to do with damage completely out in my build, so that shouldn't be a problem and I always have max power in weapons. However I have dmg resistance items on eng slots, are some other important for high damage?
My strategy revolved always about having maximal constant damage and putting out consistent high damage on a single opponent. I never considered imba alfa strike builds, they break my immesion feeling in sto. ))

So if anyone actualy understood what I wrote above, please do help me not to suck so increadibly hard as I did today. ))