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01-06-2012, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by RexTorvan
There isn't much to add here. Just prevent yourself from being overrun while clearing out Alpha first. The thing I'm at odds with though is the following:

Is it easier to clear out the damaged ships first before ganging up on the Stadi?
Well I can't comment on anything but the Captain/VA versions. But taking out the (not) damaged ships can work well before ganging up on the Stadi. Thjat's been the usual strategy that I've seen with my Mirror Event runs. They are speed runs w/o uploading the viruses at the satellites. The Stadi is a study ship, but it isn't fast. Once players can keep the Stadi distracted while the others on the team can concentrate on the Damaged Ships. Or vice versa. Gang up on the Stadi, let AoEs work on the Damaged ships and then clean up after the Stadi is taken out.