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Originally Posted by enterprise_1701e View Post
Hmm...I have a slight problem.

For STO it says that I have 199 C-points. For Champions, it shows that i have 279, since I earned 80 points when I couldn't afford to play STO before F2P. Do I get those 80 points for STO now?
There are 3 different types of C-Points these days:

STO C-Points - (Points ONLY good for STO gear - and these are earned via the 400 CP STO Gold Stipend; or purchased from the STO dilithium exchange.)

CO C-Points - (Points ONLY good for CO gear - and these are earned via the CO 400 CP Gold Stipend.)

General C-Points - (These are purchased with REAL money - and once purchased can be used for EITHER CO or STO gear.)

HOWEVER - remember that any General C-Points will actually show up in your C-Point total for BOTH games (if your account works for both CO and STO) until used - meaning if you had 100 STO points and 100 CO points; and 80 'General' C-Points - your C-Point totals in the C-Store of each repective game would both show '180'.

As you use that 80 'general C-Point total though the combined total will go down for BOTH games as you don't actually have 180 CP for both - you have 100 STO/CO only points and 80 that cabn beused for either game.

Lastly, ANY 'General' C-Points that you put on the STO exchange IMMEDIATELY become STO only C-Points as soon as you put them into the Exchange - EVEN IF they don't ultimately sell. When you withdraw them back out of the Exchange they are now STO only C-Points.