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Originally Posted by Schneemann View Post
Dunno if knowing Scotty's clothing size in TOS, ST III and VII makes anyone a better moderator.
Haha, no, but maybe a deep knowledge of all Trek series and movies to date would show some kind of loyalty to the Star Trek brand, and therefore a willingness to not abuse their post. I don't mean stupid, obscure questions. Just some stuff that anyone who's gotten really involved in Trek over the years would know, or at least have an inkling of.


Who killed Dr. McCoy's father and why?

What were the only words ever to be spelled in morse code in Star Trek and why?

Why did Khan so despise Captain (Admiral) Kirk?

What was Kirk's son called?

What was Chekov doing when he said "Scotty? Now vud be a good time."?

Why is it funny that in JJ's re-boot, Sulu said he was trained in fencing?

What are Jean-Luc Picard's brother and nephew called?

How did Jean-Luc Picard's brother and nephew die?

Stuff like that, you know?