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01-06-2012, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by Vincent_Patton
I have never seen good things come from communities that are allowed to moderate themselves. The primary problems are bias in favor of or against others and abuse of powers given. The biggest challenge would be to find people who can remain neutral and unbiased and won't abuse the powers given to them. And in any MMO that is very challenging.

I feel that paid moderators would be so much better in ensuring that people remain unbiased and non abusing.

I may have missed it, but who is going to keep an eye on these community moderators so they don't abuse their power? Hopefully Cryptic employees?
Well, the problem herein is that those who are paid, are immediately more biased towards those who are paying them. The company line rules all. I feel an unpaid moderator would probably be less biased than anyone paid. Yet also less motivated. It's a bit of a quandry.

Unless, like me, you're one of the ones Nimoy told to "get a life".

Yet here he is, at a hundred-and-three, is he? spouting off dialogue for Star Trek Online.