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Originally Posted by Temtavia View Post
It is likely that battles would be simple in star trek because phasers have no recoil and are energy weapons and therefore not subject to the feeble gravity of a planet surface. Hence firing a phaser is both direct and accurate, which would make combat more simple and very deadly. The only component that would add complexity is cover, if you can hide behind obstacles made from a material impervious to phaser fire the battle will be prolonged and more complex.

On the other hand, Klingons tend to favour edged weapons in close combat, which should add yet another dimension, but any sensible star fleet combatant shoots deadly holes in Klingons long before they reach melee range. It will be interesting to see how Cryptic handles this. As a personal preference I would prefer ranged weapons.

Hmmm I hate to tell you this but unarmed combat has been around a long time. And I would like to point out that it has also been apart of every generation of Trek.
I would pick a squad of MACOs over a squad of Klingons any day.