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01-06-2012, 06:46 PM
Now, letís talk about the new Community Moderators:
lets not. far too many companies have been sued over incidents regarding 'volunteer moderators' both by said moderators and by customers. its not a minor chance nor a minor issue. it happens. even the former owners of meridian 59 absolutely refused to allow volunteer moderators of any kind - a lack of admin presence being a large factor in that game later failing, because they were well aware of the very real risks involved in having them

in short, they are a bad, bad idea. sooner or later somebody always goes corrupt and causes problems. that is why it should be left to professional admin staff and company employees

Using the interview, we will narrow the field further, and select our top candidates. If we have more acceptable candidates than we have positions, then we will be posting a poll, which will allow the community to have the final choice in the matter. The poll will last for one week, and close after that time. Winners of the poll will be contacted, and enter a 30-60 day probationary training period, where they will work with us to learn the ropes.
if thats actually what you intend to do the whole situation is asking for trouble. administration should never in any way whatsoever involve a popularity contest.

It is important to understand that community moderators are completely unpaid
and yet a company is still liable for their actions and can still get sued because of them. if your lawyers have claimed otherwise I would get better lawyers

At the same time, not adding additional moderators right now seems like a horrible thing to me. Q, Branflakes, and myself can only do so much moderation each day, and still do all the other things we're supposed to do.
then hire proper moderators.

I am going to reiterate this. not only have I myself been one of these 'volunteer' moderators on occasion, I have seen this kind of setup many many times. it has never ended well. no matter how well intentioned, sooner or later somebody goes corrupt. thats when bad things happen to the company that employed them (and yes I did say employed them, because according to california state law they are still technically employees. there are all kinds of regulations about that - a fact that was brought up by the owners of meridian 59 I mentioned earlier - sidenote: the person that made that comment was a recognized authority on the legal aspects of running an mmo and had acted as such for several companies. he knew what he was talking about and was smart enough to avoid this)

Aye, as I've already spouted once in this thread - you pay peanuts, and you get monkeys.
yes. and you also in doing so get the more corrupt types that because they are unpaid and have no official status tend to get shall we say disgruntled, see no reason to take their job seriously and turn corrupt. getting themselves and the company in trouble in doing so. *cough* GM Darwin, BardCloud, GuardianKana *cough*

Yeah, you definitely want to be giving people special "gold/yellow" names for forum duties. Otherwise, as Mirror-Master hints at, it's a recipe for a disaster for those few fortunate enough to get the posts.
correct. though I wouldn't exactly call getting the post fortunate. i've been there. but they won't do the gold name thing. that would identify those people as legitimate employees of cryptic and could then get the company in trouble if something happened

Since I know you guys are going to do it anyway, all I ask is that you're extremely careful about who you allow to moderate
so careful in fact they're doing a poll to choose...yeah they sure know how to do it

I would suggest, that those you interview, you ask a good long series of Star Trek trivia questions, and if they take long enough to answer that they could have been on Google for the answer.. you disregard their application. That's just me.
what? they're moderators not designers. star trek knowledge has nothing to do with it

I believe that if a New CM begins to "abuse their power", that reports will come in and that CM will be relieved of duty after investigating the inccident. I'm confident Stormy would drop the "ban hammer" just as quickly, if not quicker, on a bad CM as he would a "troll". O
as much as I would like to believe this to be the case, it never, ever is.

and just to make this clear - if this disaster of an idea is actually implemented, count me as someone who will not acknowledge any 'authority' they claim to have, will not accept any form of recommendation, positive or negative made by any of them about me, will not accept any infractions, rewards, warnings or any decision made for or against me by any mod, dev or administrator that had any input whatsoever from one of these 'volunteer moderators' they are not officially representing cryptic, therefore they have no right to do any of the above nor to have any input toward anything in regards to me.

in short, I will have nothing whatsoever to do with them and will not recognize any supposed 'authority' they have. don't push me on this cryptic. i've been burned bad by this kind of thing more than once and have a low tolerance for such programs. consider this notice to keep such people away from me in any capacity. if anybody from cryptic has an admin issue thats fine, I expect to deal with a cryptic admin in such situations and only a cryptic admin.