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01-06-2012, 07:28 PM

I understand and agree that there will be a need for many more moderators very soon. I even believe this process should've begun weeks ago considering F2P is here in ten days.

I've been for Cryptic on some issues and against them on others. I've tried (not always successfully) to argue logically and dispassionately. For the most part, people who fall on the opposite side of an issue have argued their point with me in a very respectful manner. There's been playful "jabs" meant to lighten the mood and I've never taken any of those personally, as I hope none of mine ever were.

Sorry for the long winded preface, but here's my point; There are ALWAYS people who come in to every thread to insult anyone who's opinion is different from theirs. This is not isolated to one side, there are the "Cryptic can do no right" crowd, and the "Cryptic can do no wrong" crowd. My biggest concern is this; I doubt Cryptic would choose moderators from the "Cryptic sucks" crowd and I don't think they should, but I do believe that the "Cryptic is God" crowd has a good shot of becoming moderators. They never say anything negative about Cryptic, and they definitely have the mindset that would motivate them to volunteer for a payless "job" with Cryptic.

I'm fearful that if this is the pool from which the new moderators will come, that the forums will quickly become deserted, that anyone who dares to disagree with some change or marketing scheme (red boxes), will get banned for speaking out. I'm not trying to imply that this is what Cryptic wants, I'm just saying it's a worry of mine.

I honestly believe that it is important for the community to ALWAYS be able to voice their opinion of Cryptic or STO - for OR against - and NOT be picked on for that opinion. EVERYONE here contributes to the life of STO and the success or failure of Cryptic, EVERYONE here deserves to communicate their opinions to Cryptic - fanboys and nay-sayers alike. Some trolls not withstanding, this is currently how it is, I hope the new batch of volunter moderators doesn't change it.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the length.