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First off I want to say its good to be back. The last time I played was when I bought the game and played for the free 30 days. When I first played the game it didn't seem like Star Trek at all and there was very little to do and I got bored fast......very fast. Now that I am back after 21 months of non play time I have to say that the game has really gotten so much better. There is more to do and I am pleased at the content. It took me 6gb and a couple of hours to update the game, but it was worth the wait. Cryptic made the game I thought was going to fail into something I actually enjoy. I'm still getting used to the whole user interface again but I'm sure I'll be up to speed again in no time.

So I would like to say to Cryptic and all its developers that even though you have gone F2P with STO I may consider getting a lifetime membership. You guys did an excellent job at boosting the games level. Keep up the good work.

P.S. This is not me trolling and I know some of you might not even care that I was gone. I just wanted to let Cryptic know that they did a good job since I left during its baby days.

Its Good To Be Back