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Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
i endorse anything to do with territory pvp, im sure alot of what mustrum wrote can be done. One thing that might make this territory pvp a success is dilithium. Its valuable and people want a lot of it. Make it so that this gameplay, this sector, the major rewards are siginificant amounts of dilithium.

lay down a new sector, put 50 star systems in it. Normal star systems. Except these star systems are persistent instances? Get it, so if I enter it, and 10 other people do, we are all on the same instance and not separated. Instance cap it at 50 or whatever you can handle for the time being.

Then allow us to build at least one base per system, which has various support facilities. Perhaps if the enemy wants to contest the system they have to build a base there too, or destroy yours and build their own. Or the base could be a persistent base and the sector is populated already by klingon and federation bases, instead of being destroyed, it can be captured and used by either faction. (just throwing out ideas, to set off sparks in the devs heads.) Also consider adding the ability to play as the mirror universe as a faction, because theres too many feds vs klingons...

To capture it, in addition to a space battle versus, npc ships + player ships, (cause the base will have its own defenses) you have to beam down and attack as well and fight your way through the base to the operations centre, and take control of it. Then you have to hold control of the ops centre for a certain amount of time, during which the enemy could take it back. Before it becomes captured by you.

I can just imagine the intense ground pvp battles in the corridors of the base as you try to advance towards the ops centre, and the opposing faction tries to hold on. All the while screaming for more people to come to the system and beam down to help, and the attackers screaming for help. This would really be cool since finally our transporters, and the ground combat portion of the game can shine, its what sto had/has that most others dont. ground play and space play, take advantage of it, beaming down from space, to get in on a persistent fight on the ground, for the ownership of the station would be awesome.

in terms of being blown up multiple times during space combat, there needs to be something which will bring an end to the space portion of it. Instead of using the old reinforcement counter for each team like Battlefield. What I suggest is making it like ground combat.

If you hull reaches 0, your ship looks like crap ( which it really does when you have low hull, with hull breaches and fire and plasma leaks) and your ship is marked as disabled. So another friendly ship has to come and repair you for you to resume fighting. Otherwise if all your team is dead or your just losing and you want out, you could choose to be "salvaged" (because your ADRIFT BUT SALVAGABLE , and this makes you spawn at the nearest friendly system and you have to fly back to the combat system, if you are going back.

pvp in this game is too fun to keep it without a reason....its so fun even tho the main reason for winning or playing is pride. Ive wasted countless hours being addicted and playing match after match trying to win and do well, and the matches are incredibly fun when you have two good teams. Please do somethign similar to what we are asking for, and not only will all the old pvpers return, but this will build a huge healthy pvp community within the game which will keep growing/ Being f2p now all the old trek pvpers will come, I was a big fan of SFC, and that game had a large community.
I like this idea devs. Make it so.