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Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
I was testing out the Borg shields with the appropriate consoles plus EPtS I and II, and found that even though the shields were up, I was taking significant hull damage!

I had full shields, but my hull dropped to 80%, then 60%. This was from the first cube in Infected Elite.

I had to use my Haz emitters and Brace for Impact just to keep from taking more hull damage!

Thats my biggest issue with the Borg shields at that point, because you loose hull resists by having to use the regen Engineering console and if you use a Resilient shield like the MACO MK XI (which BTW, is getting a HUGE improvement in stats!) your squishy escort hull doesn't get eaten up so quickly. I ended up switching to the MACO MK XI with 2x EPtS and 1x RSP with the Neutronium console instead of the Regen I was using with the Borg shield, and I could tank the Cubes from Elite (not the Tac cubes, just the regular cubes) without incurring hull damage that required the use of Hazard Emitters or anything other than the normal shield skills.

I just wish I didn't have to use the Fleet Escort to use that layout so well

You need another tactical team and EPtS instead of EPtW with that build. Otherwise, you are too squishy...

We've had discussions about the proper Engineering consoles for the Borg Shields too. 2x Neutronium won't really help improve that shields capability.
Again, the point of the escort is DPS. If you're thinking of doing this setup with a Tactical captain, then I would agree with you. However, never under estimate an aux battery with tactical team, hazard emitters, and a transfer power to shields (science power). When the aux runs out and you're still under heavy attack, then engineers pop miracle worker and all is good. The reasoning for the Emergency Power to Weapons is to keep weapon power at maximum when the EPS Transfer III is recharching.

Try the build on tribble, trust me.