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01-07-2012, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by Abohac View Post
The borg set looks very nice, is the only way to get it doing stfs? Since I plan staying with regen shields the borg ones seem to be the best in the game, yes? The console also looks like a must and the engines I guess I need for the boni... However I realy dislike the looks of the borg deflector.

Power level was beneath 125, I was curios what the difference between 100 and 125 is. Should I put it back to 125?

Also, I do appericiate your oppinion and the effort for writing the post but my problem is damage output, not survivability. In those couple of games I played since I got back I didn't die even once and a lot of that comes from regen shields which realy reward me if I can get off the heat.
Staying alive longer=more damage
Yeah, you can do the stf's in smaller parts now where one run of a normal space stf (laughably easy) rewards you with at least 1 EDC and the old borg set is 5EDC/piece. I don't know if the borg shield would be the best of it's type in the game or not as I don't use regen shields very often.
As for the looks of the set, you can just right click the icon and disable the visuals if you don't want them.

As for damage output I would definately recommend getting your weapons power to 125, or as close as possible.
I'd also make a decision whether you want to use torpedoes or dual beam bank overload for your spike and run with that, filling the rest of your forward slots with DHC's and the rear with turrets. Slot in another CRF, drop the beam target subsystem and drop the APB. Don't get me wrong, I love attack pattern beta to death, it's my favourite attack pattern, but with the prevalnce of TT and movement debuffs meaning near death for escort type ships omega moves up in priority for me.
Something like:
For topredoes, or slot BO1/2 in place of the high yields if you'd rather go all energy.