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01-07-2012, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
What I find most outrageous of all is that you can no longer respec without tokens.
You cannot "earn" a respec on the side of grinding missions and dailies for new ships and equipment.
If you don't want to pay then you MUST draw from the same currency pool that you use to buy ships and equipment.

Honestly there is absolutely no valid reason why Merits/Honor was removed, because the system was working just fine before.

And what is really insulting is that those of us who have stockpiled enough Merits for 3-4 respecs, did not even recieve enough dilithium to trade C-Points for even just ONE respec after the conversion.
.... Their F2P Conversion process has just about killed off what little bit of Good Will that many(including myself) had left for the game (even with the new missions drought).

I got a $50.00 bonus in may paycheck this past week...,

As a Fan-atical Trekker..., a year ago I would have probably spent 95% of it here...,

I went out and bought TOR, yesterday morning. (and had fun playing it for almost 10 hours)

I feel very guilty today...