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01-07-2012, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Honestly there is absolutely no valid reason why Merits/Honor was removed, because the system was working just fine before.
How about in further establishing the dilithium to CP economy which will be part of the game's only revenue. I agree that it does suck, but if people don't have to engage in that economy then revenues will fall.

The process of converting dilithium (after perhaps gathering it) or having to spend real cash is far to unwieldy, imo, for what should be a very simple and quick feature.

The retrain window after a major change is a good idea, but I am sure there will be people complaining after the 48 hours is up about how unfair it was that they missed out. I try to evaluate all the skill options before spending anything. Then I try different builds before committing.

Things are easier if your leveling up as you will get a free retrain if you suddenly find you went into something that doesn't suit you of course.

As for different builds for different reasons - well, the whole point of these changes was to consolidate common skills and make it easier for people to switch ships and play-styles without their skill-sets bearing no interchangeability.

I would still like a dualspec system though, but that might complicate the rank up tokens too much.