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01-07-2012, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Erixander
A 48 hour free unlimited respec timer should be applied to each individual character that starts only after that *individual* character has been logged into. No one would be able to complain that they missed their opportunity with a character.
Too devil with that...

Just make it possible to use Dilithium to gain respecs...,

I rather doubt that something like this would put much of a drain on Their overall financial stability...,

It's probably safe to believe that Respec Token Purchases, are/will be, a minor part of the C-Stores' income.

Especially since They have done Their darndest to Discourage, this particular activity with the new Skill Tree Revamp.

It just makes Them look greedier and greedier compared to other games that offer this service at a much more resaonable rate, or even Free.