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01-07-2012, 01:56 PM
I wish they revamped the respec system. Maybe you buy "respec points" from the C-store, in lots of various sizes. Then, when you go to respec, you can reassign up to X of your skill points based on the number of skill points you have in your lot. Basically, make a system where you only get charged for the skills you actually change, not totally redoing your character and ultimately ending up reassigning most of my skills the same anyways.

This would make a cheaper and more flexible system for players to respec when they only want to make minor changes to their skill layout, rather than facing the prospect of shelling out $5 to make a minor change. If I wanted to spec heavily into a subset of skills to be effective in STFs, I could do so. Then, once I was done grinding them I could alter my skill tree a little to be more versatile for PvE or PvP and not have to pay for a full respec.

But this would make too much sense, and not enough money. So I guess we're stuck with what we have. At least the price of the respec seems to be lowered. I believe in the early Tribble builds, it was 780CP to respec? Now it seems like it's "only" 400.