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I've been testing out the various fighters that the Carriers have avaiable to them and found that the over all damage varies quite a bit between them all.

The Orion interceptor may have the best AI of all the fighters, it follows all commands 100%

The Damage of the interceptor seem very low over all on them.

I've been testing out the damage of the various fighters by having them attack the same type target without any help from my Carrier, I just sit back and watch the damage numbers post to see how the fighters are doing.

I know it's not the best way to run a damage test but it does give me a good idea of what the fighters can do.

I used a Breen Cruiser has my test target and sent the Max about of Orion Interceptors after it and watch the show.

The Damge numbers that I was seeing from the Interceptors were comming up in the high teens to the very low twenties with critical hits clocking in at about 100 damage vs. the Cruisers shields and and low thirties to mid forties with criticals around 200 vs. the Cruisers bare hull.

The Interceptors took far too long to deal with the Cruiser and after 15 min I step in and helped to finish it off.

Next up I sent out the Orion Slavers

The Slavers started off Similar to the Intercetors but starting doing much better damage to the Cruiser.

The Slavers beam attacks were showing numbers in the mid twenties to low thirties with criticals around 200 vs. the Cruisers shields and between 80 - 100 with criticals around 400 vs. the Cruisers bear hull.

The slavers also use Photon mines that did great damge vs. shield and hull.

The slavers were able to deal with the Cruiser in just about about 5 min.

The Last thing I tested was the S'kul fighters

Without geting into to much detail the S'Kul fighters were comming up with Critical hits between 2000-5000 on the Crusier but I think that was due to their kamikaze runs.

The S'Kul fighters took out the Curiser in about 2 min

I've had a few fluke runs with the S'Kul Fighers in the past that saw them crush a Borg cube in about 30 seconds

I did not test the Duja Fighters dew to the problems that they somtimes have with following commands but truth be told their damge has always been lacking IMO.

The Orion Slavers have become my Fighter of Choice due to their good overall damge and the fact that they'll follow your commands and attack the big gates in STF missions.

Please share any results that you may find from your own tests of the Carriers Deployable craft

Thanks for your time