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# 1 I have to say this...
01-07-2012, 08:16 PM
I am incredibly impressed with the vast improvements that have been made to STO since its release. The last time I played was the month of its release, and I didn't subscribe because I was totally disappointed with the game at that point. I participated in both and closed and open beta testing but only because it was a time killer. I was hoping that they would release some huge update for retail release but they didn't. It was strictly combat and lots of it. What little other content it had didn't even come close to balancing out the insane amount of combat there was. I bet I was involved in more combat in STO in two weeks than there were fight scenes in all of the shows and movies combined.

Anywho, that brings me to what I have to say. I have never seen so much improvement in one game in my entire life. I've beta tested (and am beta testing) over a dozen games in total and of the ones that have been out as long as STO, not one of them has had as much improvement in its first two years as STO has. If it didn't just go free to play (which is also awesome), I would gladly pay a monthly subscription. Though if it hadn't gone F2P I probably never would have gone back to it... lol

But anyway, I just want to thank the devs and such for the great job they've been doing. If you knew who I was, you'd feel honored. :p