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01-07-2012, 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by Kieshdor View Post
Have you come across the issue of only being able to luanch up to only 6 craft of the orion units no many how many you have hangered ie: Hanger-Orion Slavers x2 equiped. That should net you up to 12 craft that would be 3 per wave, 6 per hanger. I have had that issue with the slavers and intercepters on tribble but havn't bought the requiset ship yet to unlock the 2 craft. The info on the devices themselfs are relitivly the same with the S'kul and To'duj with the differences mentining the weapons loadout and any abilities.
I think that the decription has a type 0.

The fighters were suposed to be one wave of 3 for a total of 6.

Remember we use to be able to launch up to 8 Duja Fighters with the Vo'Quv and then that number was reduced to 6 to deal with the Feds imaginary Carrier spam problem so it would not make much sense for Cryptic to latter turn around and say that 8 fighters caused a spam problem but 12 should be fine :p

The decription needs to be fixed to remove anymore false advertisement.

I'd love to be able to launch off 12 Fighters but the Fed cries of spam and overpowerd would be deafening.