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01-07-2012, 08:50 PM
Well yes, it has improved.

The problem is the state fo the game at release. We know it was a rush job because otherwise they'd lose the license and we'd have no ST MMO. Thats all well and good but leaves them playing catch up and in plenty of areas they havn't caught up, heck in some places they've gone backwards, removing small amounts of content here and there.

Not seen a game improve so much in 2 years? Hmm thast a pretty big claim, given the dysmal state of DCUO at launch and in early months (so bad I demanded my money back) it has become a game I'm quite happy to play and pay for in less than a year and they've managed to release playable content at least every other month. If FF14 follows the roadmap of improvements they've released (and if anyone has the money to do it, they do. They didn't even feel good enough about the game to charge for it in the first year) then they'll easily trump STO and then some. More to the point, I've seen games release in a better state than STO is now, and I've been playing MMO's since EQ1.

I suppose if you're returning after such a long time some of the changes would appear radical but if you've stuck around it seems too little and too slow, topped off by the latest blog stating some pretty unambitious goals for the next year.

And I've never heard of you, or am I missing a punchline somewhere?