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01-08-2012, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by ADMIRALCUTTER28
he is looking for a build for a 4f4a config for the rear admiral rank, not for a noob lieutenant or lieutenant commander

If you are able to stfs I reccommend that you redeem your EDCs for Mk X req and invest in antiproton weapons and quantum torps. BTW, all stf weapons that you use Mk X req for are very rare so will have the [Borg] and 2 others.

Quick Config:

Fore: 2 Beam Arrays, Dual Bank and Torp Launcher
Aft: Same as fore but with a turret instead of dual beam if possible, other wise 3 beam on rear.

I use a Galaxy Dread with antiprotons beams and cannons with quantum torps. they work well but I usually exchange the turret for a Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher, mainly because you are at risk when they get behind you and it gives you an edge, especially against the borg.
You have too many weapons up front. All cruisers at VA have 4 forward and 4 aft, you have 5 listed.