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01-08-2012, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by Boba_Fett215
I'm only a Lieutenant Commander. But I have two good ship sets. As long as you upgrade with better gear as soon as you can or obtain it, do it. Otherwise, your ship will be destroyed easily.

USS Rising Thunder. I've equip her with all MKIV and MKIII components.
Type: Constitution Crusier (LtCmndr)
Forward Weapons:
-MkIV Phaser Array (blue color) x2 (Rare)
-MkIV Photon Torpedo
-A rare MkII with 3609 shield strength (Rare)Capx2
Deflector Dish:
-MkIV deflector
- MkIV Impulse (Uncommon)MaxX2
Rear Weapons:
-Phaser Array (Infinate) (Rare) It came with the original Enterprise, and It's level increases with my level
-Phaser Turrets MkIV
-With a Tellurium Alloy plating MKIII, she can withstand more kinetic damage.
-Speed and Turn increase console
-Console changes, but usually a shield boost
- MkIV console giving a 6.2% increase to phasers

This is my current favorate ship, it works well. But the thing that makes your ship good are your officers. Max their abilities. They can mean life or death.

You have too many fore weapons, the Constitution has 2f2a