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01-08-2012, 03:22 PM
It would help if you'd also tell us your career and what type of build your going for i.e. pvp, pve, STF

But anyway I'm a Tac and here's mine I try to build for PvP since with a good PvP build you handle PvE easily and it only needs a few tweeks for STF's.

3 Plasma Beam Array 1 Q Torpedo Fore.
4 Plasma Beam Array Aft

This gives me broadside power since I find trying to keep my nose or rear pointed at anything smaller then a Cube for more then a few seconds a pointless endeavor since it wastes half my beam potential. I am considering swapping out the plasmas for something else too since the new STF sets give plasma resists I think I'll either go Phasers or Anti Proton.


Tac: I keep 3 and swap em around as the situation calls for it

Tac Team 1, BFAW 2
Torpedo High Yield 1, Beam Overload 2
Torpedo Spread 1, BFAW 2

I usually keep the tac team 1 guy in the Ensign slot with the Beam Overload guy in the LT for PvP and if I see carriers I swap em. For PvE I use the Torp Spread 1 guy in the Lt Slot.


Sci Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Good for all round heals and cleaning off debuffs. If you don't pvp you can swap the sci team for something else like Polorize hull if you go to Kerrat or a hold if you do STF's


EPtW 1, Eng Team 2, Aux to SIF 3, Eject Warp Plasma 3
EPtW 1, EPtS 2, DEM 2

I cycle my Emergency power abilities so I almost always have one active unfortunately I don't have the timing to run 4 (yet) but some people say that's overkill anyway. Eject Warp Plasma is how I keep the escorts off my tail and turn to give em a broadside. If your going for STF's have the 2nd officer know Aceton Field 3 and swap his station with the Eject War Plasma 3 guy since that is good for crippling Cubes.

Equipment wise I run with the Retro Borg STF set (full) since as a Tac I need the extra heals to stay alive and the tractor beam is a fun toy, plus as a cruiser I have my shield power at 50 and with all the skills and bonuses running I can have it give me 100 power easy so I can make good use of the Regen Shield.

Consoles I run


EPS, the 35% Shield Cap, Neutronium Armor and usually a Shield Power Console


Borg, Shield Emitter

3 Plasma

Remember build to the strengths of a cruiser you have lots of extra energy and eng slots so skill to try and sqeeze even more power out of the ship and keep your enemy in broadside while taking everything he has to throw at you with your sci and engineering powers and if he's not hitting you dole out heals to your friends between firing cycles. Don't try to out maneuver anyone besides a carrier just keep em in broadside and have things to punish them if they try to get on your tail or front (Torp Spread and Warp Plasma in my case)