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01-08-2012, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
there you go. another great pilot confirming it. now we gotta ask why???? what would be the upside, if any, to cutting turnrates for all ships? surely everyone knows only one class of ship really makes the best use of being agile, it also happens to be the one that has the most damage capability.
I never knew the Oberth was that dangerous....

It sounds like peoples turn rates, overall, have changed +/- a few tenths of a degree. The question I have is this, if the rates did change slightly, +/- % how much difference does it mean in combat? a mid-30's turn rate is still damned good for an escort, and the B.O.P. is still in the 40's? Its not like grandmas Buick-of-a-Galaxy is going to catch you either way, right?