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01-08-2012, 05:26 PM
The skill tree is pretty intuitive... for the most part. You will find that 6 ranks in anything is most expedient, and more than that is wasteful. You will want to take into account what BOFF powers you use the most. Weapons, shields, and hull are pretty standard.

More than before, STO is gear dependent. Most people min max their tactical consoles by slotting multiple copies of the same energy type boost. Weapon type consoles have been replaced by generic power boosts, which are less powerful than energy type boosts. For a sci or engineer, these can be used to enable decent multiple energy types, but going all one energy type is still favored by min maxers.

Consoles have drastically changed in function. Most people regard science consoles as useless, but I think a bio function monitor, emitter array are useful as keeping crewmen alive does seem to help more than before Season 5. Others may differ.