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01-08-2012, 08:14 PM
1. Steam did sell STO Digital Deluxe Edition (with the Body Armour) as recently as Jan 3rd 2012.
I know, I was one of the last ones to purchase this, just for this Body Armour.
Anyways, Steam seem to have taken off STO entirely from its website now, Steam don't sell STO anymore as far as I can tell.

Below Link (as provided by STO promoting Steam sale back in Dec'11) is now broken:

2. TR-116 Rifle.
(If anyone can help dig out this Developer's Reply back in Dec'11, pls help to do so--I tried looking for 10 minutes!).

Back in Dec'2011, developer reply on Frosty Boots why there was only 30-hour function after which the Frosty Boots is no longer functional but only for cosmetic purposes.
The Developer mentioned that to prevent unintended game exploits in which game maps were not designed for such game-changing items in mind, the Frosty Boots had only 30-hour function. The Developer also stated the example of the TR116 Rifle which can shoot through walls, as another example of such a potential exploit.

Unfortunately it does not sound like the TR-116 would be available into C-Store anytime soon.

Think of the bright side, Cryptic is still not 100% into P2W (Pay-To-Win), by refraining from selling the TR-116 on the C-Store. Just imagine what this would do in PvP ground combat?

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...Stream and Target... The Body armor and the Rifle..