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01-08-2012, 08:47 PM
Okay I'm back at my mates place.
First of all i have two modems, neither will work at my place.
If i take them to my mates place they both work fine.

I have had my Isp working hard to solve this problem from the beginning.
They are also struggling to figure out this problem.
I have found that my next door neighbour also has the same problem, but a couple of streets away his dad can access the website.

Checking STO Facebook page there are other people with the exact same problem.
They are begging for help, but whoever runs that site is ignoring it.
Not the way to go Cryptic.
Please be aware these people can't get to crypitc websites for help, so all they have is Facebook or twitter.
People from London and Japan cannot access the game, sto website, or anything related to cryptic. [] times out.

This needs to be acknowledged by Cryptic and sorted out because i have noticed the complaints are growing rapidly.

Because people around the world are having the same exact problem.

I have also emailed, posted on facebook and posted here, not a single word from cryptic.
I am going onto the 4th week unable to play the game I paid for.