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01-08-2012, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by Shadowknight1 View Post
Obviously, with the Enterprise-F being put into the game, something has to be done with the Enterprise-E. Personally, I think Cryptic should hold a poll. Options may be that she's quietly retired and will be a museum ship, or that she fell to the Borg menace. I think it'd be the wise thing to do.
The last "public decides" stunt that Cryptic did went down poorly, to say the very least.

The reason Cryptic have not touched the Enterprise-E is simple - CBS don't have the rights to it - Paramount do. (Which is why you don't see the JJ-prise floating around either.)

I wouldn't at all be surprised if the Enterprise-F's introduction ignores the question of the E completely.

However... Academically speaking, assuming they were in a position to do anything, I'd prefer they simply took it to CBS and asked them for a canon end to the ship's career. I would personally be saddened to see it destroyed (as it carries with it the uncertainty of what happened to her captain, Data, and the rest of the crew - including Nog) so I'd like to see her quietly retired. I'm rather tired of seeing them blow up my favourite ships.