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01-08-2012, 10:09 PM
Originally Posted by Grannamoth
That's pretty poor rational for determining imbalance or accusing someone of cheating. There are significant gaps in player skill and sometimes someone is just better. Maybe if you provided more information we could identify the problem and establish a suitable defense?

I went back in and held my own for a good while, played 15-20+/- PvP rounds yesterday and it was only one group of fed cruisers tanking around in a few games, I held my own in the other matches. Maybe "I'm not that good" but if thats the case PvP should rank players in comparable groups per match. Regarding the matches in question, all the klinks just left as it was no game, I stayed in trying to at least be a mosquito and harrass them but even then they destroyed me within seconds EVERY TIME. Thats not a game. I'll keep trying but I am apporaching 700 days and consider myself at least a decent if not a little above average player, I played on advanced and elite alot before going into PvP. If that is the way PvP is then no wonder most people don't do it, its nothing more than a slaughter for points from a few who've evidently figured out how to nuke anybody. I try to keep faith in STO, the only game I play, but I am starting to understand what "cracks" and "P2W" means. The game really is no fun when you have to run a spreadsheet to play in the top tiers, thats insane.
Boo Hoo.

The majority of Feds deal with this every time they PvP.

I haven't played in months but tried a few times in the last couple of days, since I was forced to respec my character, I lost the original settings I had and before, I could hold my own at least half the time, now, as it is, I can last only by keeping engine batteries on hand so I can escape.

As it is now, I doubt I will PvP after this week....