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Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
Is this a separate console?

AFAIK, there's only one Tachyon Detection somethingortheother, and that's the (now optional) console that comes with the Nebula.

If that is in fact the one you are referring to, then no, it can not be used on any other ship. None of the special ability consoles that are a "feature" integrated into the design of the ship (Ablative Armor, Cloak, Saucer Sep, MVAE, TDG) can be moved to other ships.
Well the original Nebula the one you could buy for EC back in the day comes with a console now that CAN be used on ANY ship. I have it on my D'kyr right now.

Exhibit A: STO Wiki Consoles

Exhibit B: My D'kyr with the Nebula's Console attached and its ability usable. Look on my power tray. I even use it at the end.