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01-08-2012, 10:28 PM
There is precident for something leading up to the fate of the Enterprise-E. I don't remember when offhand, but the Enterprise is sent to investigate a starbase that Starfleet has lost contact with, and so far, that is the last it's heard from, so the story IS open. It's not really a question of "Licensing" so much as a question of "Likeness" as Data is the captain during this time period, so you would likely have to get Brent Spiner's permission to use his likeness. To date, I believe Worf is the only adult living cast member that has been in the game (you can't count Naomi Wildman or Icheb because they were kids on TV, an Q because technically it's Q2), my guess would be the got around it claiming makeup and such was a big factor, but Data LOOKS like Brent Spiner, so that might be difficult.

I know CBS wants to keep the reins on anything canon, BUT face it, there's not going to be another TNG movie or TV show, the books love to contradict themselves, AND I has been mentioned that STO takes place OUTSIDE of the Prime Universe. So it should be no problem.

It SHOULD be no problem, doesn't mean someone's panties won't get in a bunch if Cryptic decided they wanted to destroy the Ent-E.

When you get right down to it, ALL of the canon Trek (TV shows and most of the books) has already occured by the time we get to 2409, how long are we going to keep the future of what happens to our favorite crewers. Time to close the book,