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01-08-2012, 11:34 PM
So i played around with my Boffs and Equipment for STFs Elites in the past few days.

M.A.C.O. MK XI Shield + Borgset seems a very good fitting. Can keep up the shields pretty good and the bleed through to hull is so low it can be healed by AuxSIF I alone.

So i have HE and Brace for Impact ready for the time the shields fail totaly. Although one has to get out of range than and rebuild shields, this way my survival rate went up. But biggest impact on survival is still the team your playing with and not the equipment.

For playing with PuGs i noticed that it is very important to have some kind of "energy and shield drain" alternative layout in the pocket, cause often you will play with people that don't bring any drain abilites, no matter if they are in Scienceships or Cruisers. They try to overhelm the end tac cubes or donatra simply by DPS which results in long an boring "respawn" slug fests.

So for this groups i swap 1 DHC for 1 Beam array, the Tac Boff with APB and CSV for one with Beam target shields and Beam target weapons and my Sci with one that has HE I and Energy Siphon I. Although this way i am just a "poor man's" Sci-wannabe, it really helps a lot kill those boses in infected and Khitomer much quicker and is well worth the DPS loss.