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01-08-2012, 11:46 PM
Here is what I think....

The Enterprise E, and the rest of the TNG crew (apart from Wesley perhaps) are well liked. People don't want to see them killed, and perhaps because of some license issues, Cryptic both could'n and did not want to kill off the crew.

Since the Enterprise would be about 50 years old at the time, and probably undergone several refits, it is unlikely that it would still have been in service 2409 anyways, at least as the flagship.

Now I know what some might be thinking: "We have dozens of Sov-classes flying around... How is that argument valid?"
Thing is... Refitting and Retrofitting can only do so much. A newly build ship will have all the new tech integrated from day one, where a refit/retrofit will have a mix of different generations of tech, making the overall efficiency less than a brand new ship.

Now... Everyone still loves the TNG crew, but in 2409, the only one who would actually still be "young" enough to be on that ship in their former position would be Data... Basically... It would not be the same ship, so it HAD to go.

Rather than destroying it, likely causing massive resistance from the fans, it has likely been decided that the Enterprise has dissapeared.
That way, we won't meet her in-game, but it hasn't been destroyed (as far as we know), and enough time has passed for Starfleet to call her MIA, and commision a new one.

That's what I think.