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Originally Posted by JohnStreutker View Post
With the exception of the red-matter cap which is an oddity, given for a certain type of game purchase (I can't remember which) I think all ship devices are consumable where-as consoles have infinite uses. As nice as it would be to have it in a device slot, it wouldn't follow the STO standards.

The red matter capacitor is one. (Collectors Edition)

Subspace Field Modulator (Devidian Featured Series)

You used to be able to get a reusable shield battery as well. (Mission where you steal a runabout).

There are reusable devices. There just are not many of them.

You have to remember that the game is a game. The whole point of making the cloaking device a console was to give you the option of removing something that was useful in combat and replacing it with something else that was equally useful. That would not be achieved with making the cloaking device a device.