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01-09-2012, 01:56 AM
Originally Posted by raven_skyfire View Post
Thanks everyone and yes it does feel like a completely different game from launch. The added decks to ones ship was a nice touch. It got boring just touring the bridge. The episodes and Seasons are a great touch as well but what has me hooked is in fact the assignments you can give to your officers is a lot of fun to do. The only thing that changed that irked me was the change if currency to buy ships (not c-store). Changing from credits to dilithium was a bold move and it makes it extremely difficult to acquire new ships or old ones for that matter. Though I'm sure obtaining dilithium will become more easier for me as the days go on and learning all over again, but that is what Start Trek is all about. Exploring and trying to overcome obstacles and enjoying the rewards and so far I have been enjoying and cannot wait to see what Cryptic has in store. STO has so much more to offer and I for one will be there to witness it.
Glad to have ya back, raven. One nice thing is you can buy C-Points off of players for dilithium (or vice versa) which is the root of how a lot of the moneymaking happens in STO.

The nice thing is, you can play the market and it ranges between 350 and 500 dilithium per C-Point. So far, the flux seems to be over a month although it hasn't settled, obviously.

But buying low and selling high could let you turn, say, 400 C-Points into 200k dilithium into 570 C-Points into 285k dilithium into 816 C-Points. So, example there being, we have an in-game economy where you could double your C-Points in two months if these fluctuations last. Granted, someone is earning the dilithium and someone is buying the C-Points but there's a market to play, which adds some depth.