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01-09-2012, 02:32 AM
Well that's just it... i don't even know what to go for...

I am using tetryon weapons with chromaton torpedoes so i used the proper tactical consoles to boost tetryon damage, as for the science and engineering consoles im completely clueless...

I have the aegis set so the ship is quite tough but somehow i just can't get it right to get that edge i need.

As for my bridge officer skills:
Torpedo - high yield I
Cannon - rapid fire III
Emergency power to shields I
Emergency power to shields III
emergency power to structural II
eject warp plasma III
extend shields II
Science team I
Tachyon beam II
Deflector power transfer to shields II

And my own skills:
Rotate shield frequency III
Evasive manuevers III
Eps power transfer III
Brace for impact III
Miracle worker III
Fleet Support II
engineering fleet II

And my power levels are at standard settings:
WEP: 74
SHLD: 84
EGI: 74
AUX: 69

On missions - my shields keep dropping... and the aegis shield is supposed to be covarian [Cap]x2, on PvP i do very little damage and i cannot resist tractor beams despite the fact that i have full intertial dampening skill and when they finally get a shield down i get sniped on that empty shield with a single spread of torpedoes.

What do I do to make my ship stronger and better withstand enemy specials?